5 ReSources

…under construction, please pardon our dust…

This Section is divided into five sections (please scroll down):

1. Events + Presentation Links

2. Contact info + blogs

3. Web Links + Uploads

4. Services offered

5. Bios


our focus is on…

… experiental  Learning:  Teaching  +  Training    //    Fun  doings  +  Hands-on projects


1. Events + Presentation Links…. Under construction… Stay tuned  for pilot workshops at the learning center in 2015. Our grand opening has been pushed into 2016.

Please email us directly for current events  (fred @  winsol . org)




  1. Energy permaculture overview + in-depth
  2. Closed-loop systems  design + operations
  3. RCD:  Regenerative Community Developing Introduction
  4. Energy perm indepth: Observe/Inventory/Assess/Feasibilitiy
  5. LCE Database (see LCE section)
  6. LCE Solar HW  + PV system
  7. No-Cost Operations WinSol3 home
  8. Greywater + Rainwater
  9. Other (TBA)


Community Microgrid

Site Assessment

Observation + Inventory to assess renewable energies available, capacities, storage rq’mts.

Strategic Planning

Provide Assessment + Feasibility studies.

Develop master plan for grid or no-grid tie in CMG systems

Scenario Planning

Risk management, reliability assessments, 6-sigma.

CMG project

RE integration, LCE demand + supply configurations

Storage, distribution, back-up power, smart metering.

Budgets, design specs, construction docs.


Renewable Energy

Integrated Systems    

Combining Biomass, Solar, Wind, Geothermal, ++

System rq’mts, Storage rq’mts, reliability

Biomass Gasification

Assessment, demonstrations, pilot projects

Solar Hot Water

ICS, Drainback systems only


Water to air heat pumps, pre-cool/pre-heat systems


Contact  info + Blogs:

      email:  fred  @  winsol . org

Living energies @ WinSol. http://www.livingenergieswinsol.blogspot.com
Living energy learning database. http://www.living energylearning.blogspot.com
Fred’s Eco blog. http://www.fredecoblog.blogspot.com


Best CMG practices

    Bad Aiblingen



   European Community Energy Award


   Bavaria GIS energy


   Schonau (Germany’s electricity rebels)



other cool Links:

     Best energy brainiacts:   http://www.rmi.org

     Dirt farming + permaculture forum: http://www.permies.com

Hi-priest of permaculture: http://www.krameterhof.at/en/

      Biomass gasifiers: http://gekgasifier.com/

      Intentional Communities: http://www.ic.org/


Fred’s Bio:

Fred is principal of WinSol.org specializing in energy permaculture, community microgrids and in adapting appropriate, leading-edge processes and technologies for the built environment.  He has designed and built numerous solar homes, his current project is a zero operating cost and totally closed loop home following cradle-to-cradle™principles.

Over the past 30 years, Mr. Klammt has been a project leader and director  for various CREF departments in over 40 Fortune 100 companies.  Fred was one of California’s first Certified Energy Auditor in 1978, and is a certified Baldrige Certified Quality Auditor for the State of California and Senate Productivity Awards.

On a personal note, Fred has designed and owner built three passive solar homes, his currently being totally off the grid, closed loop and net-zero operating cost.

His expertise includes:

  • Community microgrids
  • Energy permaculture
  • Living Energies
  • Cradle to Cradle™ evaluations and analysis

• Industrial Ecology process analyses  • Systems Dynamic Modeling   • Carbon + Embedded Energy Analyses + Benchmarking    • Lo-Cost Solar systems   • Organizational Development   • Financial and LCA analysis   • Training + Strategic Planning

Fred has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wyoming and an Associates in Electromechanical from Southern Illinois University.  Fred’s personal activities include working with Architects for Humanity, Engineers without Borders, Sierra Club Maidu Chapter Board of Directors and Habitat for Humanity.


2 thoughts on “5 ReSources

  1. Hi Fred, what luck to meet you today…share great stories and valuable information. I couldn’t take notes fast enough! Your understanding, expertise and experience is truly a benefit to the world and those lucky enough to get to work with you:) May this current adventure be positive and I hope we get to see you on your return trip.
    In gratitude,

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