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WinSol3    (Winning Solutions in Wind + Solar)

WinSol3 is the 3rd iteration of a personal endeavor in building a creative + unique no-cost, energy plus (beyond net-zero) adaptation of Bucky Fuller’s Dyaxiom Home incorporating the principles of Cradle-to-Cradle®, Living Energies and Permaculture.

WinSol3 is a living example of Buckminster Fuller’s visions:
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
“You may assume that you are fulfilling your significance if you apply yourself to converting all your experience to the highest advantage of others.”

Main Features of WinSol3 (details below) :

  1. Close-the-loop (Cradle to Cradle®)
  2. Built with 80% Reused + Salvaged Materials
  3. 100% Rainwater Harvesting
  4. No-cost operations
  5. Energy Plus = beyond net-Zero
WinSol3 Simple Cut-away



snow farawy roofFireplace Vert 1Roof 1






I. Close-the-Loop Home

Cradle to Cradle® (C2C):

WinSol3 follows the three main C2C principles

  1. Current Solar income
  2. Waste = Food
  3. Celebrate Diversity


WinSol3 follows the 12 principles (OBREDIM +) of Permaculture.

  1. WinSol3 uses current available energy from the sun, wind, geothermal and gravity. Except for firewood and a small amount of propane, it does not use any stored energy from fossil fuels.  I costs about $17 per year to operate.
  2. An ‘up-cycling’ center and keeping commercial packaging (plastic bags, boxes, etc) to a minimum, keeps WinSol3 from generating waste.
  3. Energy systems, re-use of materials, gardens, etc. all celebrate diversity at many levels.


II.   80% Reused + Salvaged, and on-site (local) materials

WinSol3 is built from 80%+ re-used materials, finishes + coatings from:

  • Habitat for Humanity (HfH) – ReStore
  • Urban Ore in Berkeley
  • Deconstruction of various places
  • Countless other ‘re-use’ places

• On-site materials were used.
• Trees were thinned, debarked, dried in place for a year + used for the main structural   posts in the house.
• Stone work is 100% from local granite (abandonded dam quarry), river rocks and on-site rocks.

Only the steel roof, main floor, roof beams and cinder blocks+cement were purchased new. WinSol3’s construction practices focus on reusing everything. Nothing was wasted – every crooked nail, every piece of wood or drywall over 1” was reused or recycled.


III. 100% Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater is a wonderful soft, free source of everyday water needs.

WinSol3 collects 100% of its water needs from purposely designed oversized roof + cistern catchment system.  Cistern water is pumped uphill with PV powered DC pumps.

Water collected during rainy season and pumped uphill is gravity fed to household and gardens for rest of year.

Our drinking water always comes from hi-altitude mountain springs or Mt. Shasta headwaters.

Future:  Slow bio-sand filter being installed.


IV. No-cost operations

Besides property taxes and $17 annual propane bill (for cooking only); WinSol3 costs nothing – nada – to operate.

  • Free on-site rainwater
  • Free on-site energy
  • Close-the-loop operations
  • No-maintenance design
  • No Waste
  • Everything reused + repurposed

… there’s nothing to spend money on!


V. Energy Plus: beyond net-zero energy

WinSol3 uses current solar income. On-site power production includes:

  • PV solar panels
  • SHW Drainback
  • Wind generator
  • Gravity fed water

Technical Specs:

* PV system: 6-30W  + 3- 100W panels to  35a controller to 3KW inverter
* 400W wind generator
* 4  L16 6V Trojan batteries
* SHW drainback: 2  3×8’ Brazed copper absorber plates with 66 gallon Loft storage tank
* Dual lighting wiring 12VDC and 120VAC, LED + CFLs



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